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The expert’s opinion about the gambling market in Europe

The company Storm International, which manages the Shangri La CIS casino network and the slot network in Germany, is constantly in search of new markets for business development. Michael Boettcher, Shangri La founder, shared his views on the state of the European and global gambling market.

Today, practically in any corner of the EU, there are casinos and slot-halls. There are lots of idle casinos in Montenegro, the Dominican Republic because the sphere is «regulated» or too corrupt, and there are no other ways of doing business; Japan is a good option, if there are any laws on gambling to be presented. But we do not know this. Russia does not want to return to the position that the gambling business had before 2009. Therefore, Ukraine has a unique opportunity, there is a way to go.

Ukraine has the opportunity to launch the gambling industry, using the best world experience and avoiding many common mistakes. Moreover, the «old Europe» has practically exhausted its potential for the development of new markets. The main thing is reasonable legislation and a sense of responsibility of operators. This was stated by the president of the company Storm International, Michael Boettcher in his report «Gambling business in Ukraine: the vision of investors» at the gambling conference Game On in Kiev.

Gambling cannot be stopped. But to make it work, you need to draft laws together with operators, with people who care about making this business work. And not only in the interests of investors. It is necessary to unite people of all levels involved in the gambling business.

Storm International is ready to go for business development anywhere, where there are reasonable expectations and an opportunity to benefit from investments. But the company does not strive to go there, where it is necessary to pay one hundred million for a license, pass the tender process and have a heavy regulated operations from outside of the company.

The last casino of Storm International was SL Casino in Riga. The gambling house opened at the Kempinski Hotel, operating in the VIP niche.