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Storm International speaks about the increase in performance indicators of Shangri La in Yerevan

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Storm International, an international operator in the field of gambling, operates a VIP casino in Armenia under the brand of Shangri La, located in Yerevan. The casino is placed in the most luxurious five-star hotel complex «Multi Grand», long-time partner of Storm International — Multi Group company.

«This casino is focused on tourists with high income, big players from countries such as Iran, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and India, accustomed to the highest standards of service and security. The club system and the maximum level of confidentiality provide Shangri La with a preference from the most demanding customers,» said Darren Keane, Storm International CEO.

Yerevan Casino consists of several separate halls for a private game, a bar and a restaurant. The total area of the establishment is 700 m². Guests are offered classic games on 8 tables, as well as the most modern games on popular slot machines.

In 2017, Shangri La Yerevan turned out to be the most successful casino network. The gambling house showed an increase of almost 50%. Due to the increase in the number of international flights to Yerevan, the number of junket tourists has increased. And most of them are purposefully going to Shangri La, Darren Keane noted, thanks to the excellent reputation of the brand.

The Storm International Group manages gambling and entertainment businesses in various countries: Germany, Armenia, Georgia, Belarus and Latvia. The flagship asset of the company are establishments under the brand name Shangri-La Casino, adorning the capitals of the post-Soviet countries.

The group for several years managed two large entertainment complexes «Hollywood Entertainment» in Mexico. At the moment, in addition to Shangri La casinos, it also operates a network of gaming halls «Storm Casino» in Germany. In Russia, the company is engaged in restaurant business.